Only type A jadeite are considered natural jadeite. Other types are all considered processed jadeite. All jadeite sold in ROYAN are strictly Type A natural jadeite without chemical treatments.

TYPE A (Natural Jadeite):

Natural jadeite without chemical treatments. Wax polishing process without destroying the structure of natural jade will not be regarded as a kind of chemical treatment.


Jadeite with chemical treatments and resin injections.


Jadeite with dyeing treatments.


Jadeite with chemical treatments, resin injections and dyeing treatments.


DESTRUCTIVE TESTS (for laboratory purposes):

    Heating test: Heat resistance of natural jadeite is around 900-1000 degree Celsius. Processed jadeite will turn brown around 400 degree Celsius in a heating test. 

    Dissolution test: Resin injected into processed jadeite can be dissolved by resin solution and hence processed jadeite will become opaque paste in a dissolution test. 

NON-DESTRUCTIVE TESTS (for general identification purposes):

The following three specifications can be identified using instruments.


    Jadeite characteristics: weight, refractive index, specific gravity, etc

    Dyeing treatments detection: can be identified by Tao's filter, spectrometer and microscope

    Resin injections detection: can be identified by UV fluorescence test, specific gravity, microscope and infrared spectrometer

Identification certificates for jadeite sold in ROYAN are all issued by internationally recognized laboratories which test jadeite through the above non-destructive identification procedures.


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