Established by Mr Lam Sau Chun, Wing Cheung began as a Myanmarese jade wholesaler, mainly operated in Hong Kong and Taiwan. With the rise of jade market in South-east Asia in the 1970s, Wing Cheung's operation rapidly expanded southward into countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. 

1972: Story begins

With its growing success in Asia, Wing Cheung was invited to the Burma Jade Emporium for the first time by the Burmese Government in 1980. Soon after, the first processing house was set up. A entire product line from raw materials procurement to product finishing was primarily formed. 

1980: Foundation laid for production line

With the first retail store opened in Lam Tin, Wing Cheung made a strategic expansion into retailing in 1997. The brand's unique designs quickly gained popularity among the high society, and it soon moved into prime commercial areas in Hong Kong. Now, Wing Cheung has its retail presence in Causeway Bay for more than 15 years and gains its reputation as one of the most venerable jade brand in Hong Kong. 

1997: Retail expansion

As a proudly Asian brand determined to share the beauty of jade to the world, Wing Cheung was invited to join jade and jewelry associations and was dedicated to promote Asian jade culture. Wing Cheung participated in exhibitions, fairs and exchange forums; and organized charity activities which greatly supported by celebrities in Hong Kong. 

1999: Dedication in promoting jade culture

Under great serendipity, Wing Cheung owned a Great Guanyin jade statue in 2003. The statue is 1.23 meter tall and weights 200 kilometers. This rarely huge statue was then interviewed by the media and attracted many collectors and Buddhists to visit, among whom also included the Tibet living Buddha. 

2003: Encounter with the Great Guanyin

Today's Wing Cheung has been passed down to the 3rd generation. In 2019, the first concept store with theme "Innovation and heritage" was launched in Central, in the name "ROYAN", which also represents the modernized sub-line under Wing Cheung. 

2019: Birth of ROYAN

Our journey continues...

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