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In the glittering shower, so delicately iridescent and powerfully enlightening, you reach out to the fountain of inspiration, and allow your heart and soul to be nourished. From here onwards, you will be your own guiding force as your life begins to be transformed thousand times over.



Millenniums’ gestation of jade; centuries’ maturation of fate. 

Like a ripple is the wheel of fortune,

opening up endless possibilities.   

To the far end of the world,

I thought I would be drifted along the waves,

until at the unforseen confluence,

I was intercepted and held by you.  

All seemingly unsure but all seem sure. 

Looking back,

I found every step in my journey unplanned and arduous.

All seemingly random but all seem destined. 

If only you believe,

it’s more than just by chance or just a game of chance.

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